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Hello and welcome to the Shinra Building.

Before you come into the building there are a few things that I think you should know. For the time being there is no story line going on and this is a place for anime characters to hang out and talk. I will allow any anime characters and video game characters as well.

There are already 4 characters that are taken so far and those are Rufus Shinra (the_boss_rufus), Reno (gilver), Rude (saiyananna), and Tseng (wolf_spit) so don’t ask me or come on claiming that you will be them.

Do not come into this group and start anything. We are all adults here and for you to be a member is a privilege, don’t abuse it. If anyone does come in and try to start something you will be warned first by one of the moderators and if you still insist on starting fights your ass will be thrown out.

Do not come in and try to god-mod anyone. This for those of you who don’t know is when you make someone elses character do something or respond a certain way. Its not your character and you cant control them.

I will allow rp fights. If two people want to come in and spar or something like that by all means go ahead. I’m sure a few of you do need to train.

Only a few select people will be allowed into my office. If you don’t know, then most likely your one of the ones not allowed in there.